For most people, the best way of losing weight is eating less, exercising and reducing stress. Different drugs that can help people to lose weight have been introduced into the market. These drugs are believed to be safe and effective as they help in suppressing appetite and burn more calories. However, if you want to lose weight faster combine diet pills with exercise. In recent years, diet pills are available over-the-counter but you need to consult a medical professional before choosing a given weight loss pill.

Who Can Benefit from Diet Pills?

These pills aren’t just for everyone but there are guidelines which were released in January 2015 by the Endocrine Society. Weight loss pills should only be taken by people who are obese; this means that one must have a body mass index (BMI) which is 27 or higher. People who also have health conditions caused by being overweight such as heart disease or high blood pressure can take popular weight loss pills which has no side effects. These medications are beneficial as they help in accelerating the weight loss process. Those prescribed to these drugs are usually monitored closely and if they can’t lose at least 5% of their body weight after 3 months then they shouldn’t continue using the pills. As patients take weight loss pills they also need to develop positive habits because this combination will help them lose weight faster.

Weight Loss Pills Available

In recent years, many people have become overweight or obese and these has led to introduction of weight loss pills. Companies have been doing research to come up with a drug that can help people lose weight and stay healthy and they have approved several drugs for long-term treatment of overweight or obesity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has examined and approved some of these drugs based on their safety, effectiveness as well as their side effects. In this article I am going to explain some of the weight loss pills which were approved by the FDA:


This weight loss drug is available as a prescription or over-the-counter. It was approved for prescription use by the FDA in 1999 and then it was approved over-the-counter use in 2007. It is has a brand name Alli when bought over-the-counter and Xenical when used with prescription. These pills are meant to help those people who are overweight or obese to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Orlistat should be taken in combination with low-calories or low-fat diets for it to be more effective. According to a research conducted by Mayo Clinic in the years 2014, people who took Orlistat along with proper diet and exercise lost 2.5 kilograms more than those who only exercised and dieted alone.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India. It is filled with a chemical known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is used to make drugs. Garcinia cambogia can be taken by mouth for exercise performance, treating parasites and worms, bloody diarrhea, joint pain, losing weight and for increasing bowel movement. According to several studies, the hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia helps in suppressing appetite, reducing fat storage and enhances exercise endurance.

Phentermine and topiramate

This combination of drug was approved in 2012 and is mainly sold under a brand name of Qsymia. Phentermine is a stimulat that controls appetite while topiramate is a migraine and an anti-seizure drug that suppresses appetite and makes you to fill full. This drug shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women as it might cause a birth defect. The National Institute of Health carried out a research and found out that topiramate might make a person develop suicidal thoughts and behaviors. For these drugs to be effective they must be used along with proper diet and exercise.

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More information on Adipex Side Effects

There are a variety of different side effects of Adipex that you need to keep in mind while you make a decision about whether or not to take this medication. Your decision needs to be made in consultation with your physician, and should be based not on unrealistic expectations of weight loss, but instead on an evaluation of the medication’s risks and benefits.

Common Side Effects of Adipex

The short-term side effects of Adipex include dizziness, insomnia, vomiting, digestive complications (diarrhea and constipation), and dry mouth that has been described as occasionally severe. Some users have found that dry mouth is so serious that their throat has been numb. These are the normal side effects that many users experience.

There are also other rare side effects that can include uncontrolled involuntary muscle movement, as well as sexual side effects. All of these must be taken into account when you are deciding whether or not obtaining a prescription for it is right for you.

Serious Side Effects of Adipex

There are also other more serious side effects that many users of this drug experience. The more serious side effects can include psychological effects. These effects can include hallucination, rapid mood swings, anger, and nervousness. There are also potential cardiovascular side effects that can include irregular heartbeat, increased heartbeat, and occasionally more serious complications that can occur when taking this product. These problems can include pulmonary hypertension and issues with heart valves. The now-discontinued combination drug Fen-Phen – which contained fenfluramine along with Phentermine (the active ingredient in Adipex) – caused serious heart valve problems in a substantial number of users. The heart problems occur most often in people who do not follow the proper instructions when taking the medication. This is especially true for people who either exceed the recommended dosage or who take the medication for a longer period of time than they are instructed to do.

Allergies and Complications

You cannot take this medication if you have an allergy to either this medication or other medications that are similar, because doing so can cause potentially serious complications.
There are numerous signs of complications that Adipex users should look for while taking this medication so that they can notify their physician if they experience them. These side effects can include rash, dizziness (particularly if it is serious or it persists for a long time), and respiratory problems (including difficulty while breathing). These can be signs of side effects that are potentially very serious, and you should notify your doctor immediately if you experience any of them. These can be signs either of severe complications or a drug allergy, and in either case you may be forced to discontinue use of the drug after consulting with your doctor.

Consider the Risks

One final thing to remember about the side effects of Adipex is the effect that they can have on your exercise program. If you are dizzy, lightheaded, or suffering from serious dry mouth it is going to be difficult for you to be able to complete the exercise program that you arranged with your doctor when you started taking it. Therefore, it is important to take into account not only the seriousness of the side effects but also their effects on both your daily life and on your exercise program. This medication is approved as part of a program of diet and exercise and is not meant to be taken as a standalone weight loss solution. Therefore, if the side effects interfere with your existing exercise program it may be counterproductive for you to take this medication.